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Vacationing With Your Dog or Puppy

As you make your travel plans, they may very well include your dog or puppy. Planning in advance and bringing along some needed items can help make things go much more smoothly for you, your pet, and your host.

For example, if your dog or puppy normally spends some time in his crate at home you should certainly plan on bringing it with you when you travel. Whether staying in a hotel or someone’s home, knowing that your dog or puppy is safe and not getting into mischief when you’re unable to supervise will help keep everyone’s minds at ease.

Remember to bring some of your dog’s favourite toys along, and maybe his dog bed too. A plentiful supply of his normal dog or puppy food is also important, as a sudden change in diet can cause an upset stomach.

If your travel plans involve being on the road, remember to bring a plastic bowl and some water for your pooch, as well as some plastic bags for picking up. There are some great travel bowls available too.

When stopping at roadside rest areas, be sure to have your dog or puppy securely on a leash and collar before opening your car door. Pets can become frightened by the unfamiliar sights and sounds, and might behave uncharacteristically.

Other safety measures include bringing along your veterinarian’s phone number in case of an emergency, checking your calendar to see whether or not your dog or puppy will be due for his heart-worm or insect prevention treatments during your trip, and making sure your dog or puppy is wearing proper identification tags at all times. Another great idea: list your cellular phone number on his tag when traveling. Even if you don’t have time to order a new tag,  you can simply use a sticker that you wrap around his normal dog tag, or get one of those “shrinky dink” make-your-own pet tag kits which are widely available at pet supply shops.

Last but not least, remember that sticking to routines helps everyone feel more comfortable while traveling. Practice your dog’s obedience training regularly, bring along his long lead so your dog or puppy can exercise safely in case you don’t have access to a fenced area, and most of all… remember to have fun!