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Pouncing Pooches!

Whether you receive only occasional visitors, or have a very busy household, a jumping dog can be a problem. Neighbours stopping by, friends for a dinner party, and your children’s friends coming over, can all be exciting situations for your pet. Training your dog not to jump can be accomplished with consistency, obedience, and praise.

Most people like dogs, but even the most ardent pet lovers agree that when guests arrive, a jumping dog can be a problem!

There are several ways to cope with your canine clown.

The first choice is not to train him, but simply to let your dog pounce on people, causing them to be knocked over or get paw-prints on them. Not an acceptable option.

The second choice is to separate your pet by keeping him in his crate, the yard, or another room. The problem is, your dog will be even more excited and will jump more when you finally do let him in! He will never learn to behave by the door and will be doomed to seclusion during guest’s presence permanently. Even worse, isolation from guests can lead to timidness, aggression and other problems.

The only real alternative is to put on your dog’s leash and train your dog not to jump. Start now by practicing dog obedience daily to earn your pet’s respect. Whenever anyone enters your door, use the leash and correct jumping with a "no" followed by a sit command. Praise lavishly when your dog sits for greetings.

Many people worry that they’ll be rude to their guests by seeming to pay more attention to the dog’s jumping problem than to them. While this may not seem ideal, at least if you work with him now he’ll be better mannered next time. Remind yourself that most people like dogs but don’t want to be jumped on and will feel sorry if he’s locked away. Friends and relatives will respect you for working on the issue. After all, if you were the visitor what would you think?