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Play Items -vs- Prey Items

Most dog owners enjoy treating their dog to a new toy or bone every now and again. But there are certain types of chew items that can be non-conducive to a well behaved pet!

When your dog enjoys a toy such as a ball, rope toy, dog stuffed animal, plastic nylabone, or frisbee, he relates to them simply as play things. There are almost zero dogs that behave possessively over synthetic toys.

However, when a dog chews an item such as a rawhide, pig’s ear, or butcher’s bone, they tend to relate to these objects as prey! Because they’re parts of real animals, they often bring out a dog’s natural instincts to bury, protect, or guard the item. About 70% of dogs may actually display aggressive or otherwise unwanted behaviour. Other dogs may not act possessive over the item itself, but can feel and act like a more dominant dog in general, therefore responding less to owner’s commands.

There have also been numerous reported cases of pets contracting diseases from some animal products. Choking or intestinal blockage can be an issue too, especially with puppies or powerful chewers who rip off large chunks and swallow them whole.

Behaviour problems such as digging, possessiveness, and object guarding can be greatly alleviated or prevented by avoiding prey-like items. Better ideas for dog toys include the synthetic ones listed above, as well as rubber toys, vinyl squeakies, or latex toys. Sterilized natural bones can also be an excellent alternative. These bones are real bones, but have been completely sterilized, thereby eliminating or diminishing an associated prey instinct. They are bright white, with no meat or filling.

By making responsible decisions about your dog’s toys, you’ll be taking another step toward the best possible relationship with your pet!