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Counter-Surfing Canines!

Some dogs are tall and some are short…. but just about any dog can reach appetizers on a coffee table! Whether your pet is large enough to reach the kitchen counter, or small enough to only swipe crackers from a baby, food stealing is something many dog owners would like to eliminate.

Whether a holiday feast, or a casual bowl of chips, a poaching pooch can be a big concern…. but this can be stopped! The first step is to practice your dog’s obedience commands daily. Even just a few minutes per day of dog training, working on the heel, sit, down, stay & come will cultivate a better relationship of respect.

Next, it’s time to play pretend. Put some cheese, lunch meat or other tempting tidbits on a paper plate…. right on the coffee table! In the beginning, you may need to use your dog’s leash to prevent stealing the snacks. As soon as he’s clearly thinking of taking something, correct with a "no" and put your dog in a down/stay position. Praise your pet when you begin to see he’s lost interest in the decoy.

Once your dog will no longer go after the food with you in the room, you’ll need to get more creative with your dog training. Try leaving the room and acting as if you’re not watching. Then, sneak up and catch him in the act if he approaches the plate. Never correct your dog after the fact.

You’ll need to gradually eliminate the leash, and decrease the amount of supervision required. These setups can also be helpful with counters, highchairs, or any other source of temptation.

Continue to practice obedience training daily. With consistency, diligence and a little imagination, your dog can soon be a courteous canine!