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Choosing a Reputable Breeder

There are a few times of year when many people consider getting a new pet. One of those times is holiday season, and the other is summertime.

However, there are many factors to consider when getting a dog, and making a responsible choice can be time consuming. If you’re getting a puppy from a reputable breeder, schedules may not always work out so that the puppies just so happen to be ready for their new homes exactly on Christmas week, or the beginning of summer recess.

Whether you’re interested in a large breed or small, very popular or less mainstream, doing your homework can help you find just the right pet for your lifestyle. You’ll want to factor in many details, such as coat care, size of dog, expected temperament, whether or not you have a fenced yard, and much more.

For example, if you are a very active person who will want a dog to go jogging with, a Basset Hound might not be the best match. Likewise, if you’re more of a couch potato, a Labrador Retriever may drive you crazy.

If you decide to get a puppy from a breeder, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a reputable one. A responsible breeder will have both parents on site, all paperwork in order, a clean whelping area, and in some cases should also provide you with medical background check information. For example, Golden Retrievers are often prone to hip displaysia which can be passed genetically through the generations. A responsible breeder will have certification papers from the Orthopaedic Foundation of Animals showing that 3 generations of their dogs have been tested and do not carry this trait. By thoroughly researching the breed you’ve chosen, you should know which medical concerns can be common with that breed, and therefore what to look for along the lines of medical background information.

Another sign of a reputable breeder, is that they should be very concerned about who is getting their pups. You should feel as if they are interviewing you as to whether you’re ‘worthy’ of having one of their pups. They will not just sell the puppies to anyone who has the cash.

Whatever your decision, a little homework done in advance can go a long way to help you make the best possible choice of your new canine companion!