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Barking For Attention

What is it about the telephone that makes others want attention? Not only do children come running as if the phone is a magnet, and spouses often interject repeatedly, but many dogs bark for attention too!

Whether it’s while you’re on the phone, fixing dinner, or trying to relax, some dogs insistently bark, wanting attention and often getting it. So how can you help your dog or puppy to learn when enough is enough? Read on.

There are several reasons why dogs or puppies bark for attention. The first is obvious… they want you to play with them. However, dogs are also creatures of habit and if you keep throwing the ball while you’re on the phone, your pet will expect that to continue.

The second issue is that dogs are pack animals and they need leadership in their household to show them right from wrong. If your dog barks at you while you’re watching television because you stopped petting him for a minute, then he is training you to do what he wants. He is the leader.

These routines can be changed by providing leadership and training your dog to develop new habits. Begin by working with your dog on some basic obedience commands, particularly the “sit/stay” and “down/stay”. Next time your pet is barking for attention, place your dog into the “down/stay” position, be sure to enforce the command, and most importantly don’t give in to what he’s demanding.

It can also help to make sure you’ve given your pet plenty of attention and exercise beforehand. Most dogs employ their attention-getting antics around the same times each day. Ward off boredom by making sure your dog has had a good run, a game of ball, or whatever other attention he craves ahead of time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can never throw your dog’s ball when he “asks” you to. Or that you shouldn’t pet your dog while you watch T.V. But it should be on your terms, rather than in response to your dog dominating you through whining and demands.

Following through with this exercise can help increase your enjoyment of your pet, because he’s not annoying you at inopportune moments, and because a dog who respects you more will listen better at other times too. Soon both you and your dog can relax in front of a cozy movie… in peace and quiet!