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Providing service to the communities of:
Cloverdale, Clayton Heights, Panorama Ridge, Yorkson, & Willoughby

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Out & About Excursions

Out and About Excursions are designed for those dog's who might find the Trail Trekker a little bit more than they can manage.

Out and About Excursions will consist of a minimum 1-hour walk.

The fun filled Out and About Excursions will take place rain or shine.

Out and About Excursions typically take place at your local dog park, dog friendly beach, the nearest dog friendly lake or any combination thereof. They may also include local neighbourhood walks.

Out and About Excursions Max dog group size will be 3-4 dogs per excursion.

While on Out and About Excursions, dogs are able to socialize with other friendly dog's however the pace of the walk is a bit more casual, so this is ideal for older/less energetic dogs.

Dogs will be picked up, walked, wiped down and returned home.

Discounts will be provided for multiple dog families.

Your dog will return content and happy for the rest of the day!