Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Dog Overnight Care

Providing service to the communities of:
Cloverdale, Clayton Heights, Panorama Ridge, Yorkson, & Willoughby

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Take a Paws requires proof that all dogs are vaccinated with the following:

  • Rabies
  • Puppy booster vaccinations (all 3 sets)

Take a Paws also requires proof that all dogs either receive annual titer testing or are vaccinated annually with the following:

  • Distemper combination
  • Bordatella (kennel cough)
  • Flea prevention

If you are considering sending your dog for group and you do not plan to vaccinate your dog annually we will require proof of annual titer testing.

Take a Paws will not accept aggressive, sick or injured dogs.

For the protection of the other dogs, the general public and our staff, Take a Paws reserves the right to refuse dogs that are not social and/or disruptive, dogs that aren't spayed/neutered, and dogs that are sick or injured.